How it works

This is a unique gifting program that is designed and offered to provide you and other CSN members the opportunity to create a means of financial support that does NOT require: special skills, a job, a bank account, tax forms, withholdings or reporting of any kind.

This is a program whereby we can create our own internal economy which is off the grid and we can even avoid fiat currency if we want or need to! It’s a simple program. Plugin and make it work for you!

This platform provides you the tool needed to manage your success efficiently!

1. Upon registration fill out your profile completely with working email address and telephone. Be sure to explore the entire back office to know it well. The first thing you need to do is enter the details on how people will send you money. This is done in ‘Money’>’Accounts’. Be sure that your instructions are complete, understandable and correct with the necessary detailed information.

2. Make your donation of $25 to your sponsor right away so he or she can approve it within 72 hours or your registration will be canceled and you could lose your current most favorable position. No matter how the donation is made you MUST enter the data in the system. Click ‘Upgrade’ and be sure to have some data, even if it’s meaningless, in each field. Submit. The recipient will then get a notice to approve the donation and this is how the system clears you to advance to the next level. This is critical.

3. You help three people get set up who could use some serious extra cash flow AND will make the necessary commitment to success. Your goal is a minimum of 3 people in 3 days to fill out your first level and those 3 send you their first $25 donation. Use your referral link found in your back office ‘Promotion’ tab for automatic credit.

4. You now have $75 and you send the one time Level 2 donation of $50 to your level 2 upline (your sponsor’s sponsor). You are now qualified to receive level 2 contributions ($50 each from up to 9 people).

5. As your level 2 members get contributions from their 1st level and want to enter Level 2, this group of 9 (3×3) start sending you their level 2 contribution of $50 in order to advance to the next level. This would be a maximum of $450 when all 9 complete the donation.

6. This process continues for each level. The amounts and frequency of contributions will grow when members simply follow the program and act promptly. For example, when your level 3 members step up to Level 3, they’ll each be sending you $100. When your level 4 members step up to Level 4 they’ll be sending you $250 each and so on.

7. You are notified by email when a contribution comes in. Be sure to add to your whitelist/contacts so you don’t miss any of these. You must log in and ‘Approve’ the contribution so the sending member is then cleared by the system to advance. If you don’t ‘Approve’ the contribution the sending member is stuck in the system and you are then causing a problem that needs to be fixed. Please pay attention and approve your incoming payments ‘quickly’!

8. Initially, you can introduce 3 referrals. You can upgrade up to ten levels up which means that you’ll have a member team up to 3 wide and ten levels deep sending you contributions. The Level 1 contribution is $25, Level 2 is $50, Level 3 is $100, Level 4 is $250, Level 5 is $500, Level 6 is $750, L7 is $1,000, L8 is $1,500, L9 is $2,000 and L10 is $2,500. You can work out the potential figures and what they mean level by level.

9. Once you’ve made your level 5 donation you can turn off the spillover feature and continue adding referrals to your first level and go 4,5 6 wide and beyond to expand your earning potential.

This is by far the simplest and most powerful program ever created!

Be diligent, follow the program and enjoy your newfound financial freedom!

"You shall, I question not, find a way to the top if you diligently seek for it; for nature hath placed nothing so high that it is out of the reach of industry and valor."